Night Tour Before Christmas
When I feel cold wind, I just remember my favorite time of the year, Chiristmas time.

A lot of presents under beneath the tree.
Eggnog and stuffed Chiken on the red and green tablecloth.

Oh, now I need to get Christmas stuff for my new class.

I got chance to foot around today and on the way to Kurashiki, I stopped by IKEA Kobe just to look for something Christmasy stuff.

Yes! That’s it!!! I found a beautiful tree and ornaments and some ginger bread cookies and houses for Kids to build.

As I headed the road to Kurashiki, it was passed three.
It took nearly three hours to get around Takamatsu.

It got dark so I have to stop for a night then checked my hotel reservation app and one hotel with hot spring I found.

There, I got a pretty room and good Onsen. When I checked in, the desk cleark asked me if I am interested in the night tour.

The driver who is also a guide took us to the church near the hotel where we could see Seto island sea.
He took us then to under the Seto Ohashi Bridge at night. He sure knew a lot about this gigantic Bridge, as if he were a architect just like my husband.

Tomorrow morning, I am going to drive above the JR train, looking down Seto island sea.

Oh, before that, I should have a big breakfast!

I think I got a good deal with this hotel, and I recommend it to you.