2nd, 3rd, and 4th of August

只今、キッズ3名とおとな2名様がKirkwood English Class Ohanaの会員登録をしていただきました。

(水)のLara sensei のクラスは優しく癒やされます。わかりやすく、丁寧に教えてくれます。答えがでるまで、ゆっくり待ってくれます。言いたいことを引き出してくれます。ルールよりモラルを何より大切にしています。

(木)Oliver先生のクラスでは、IT レッスンが行われています。動物カードも大好評です。snack time のあと、近くの公園であそびました。

(金)はJason 先生と一緒に夏の持ち物について、レッスンしました。また、カラーリングは、綺麗ないろをつかっていました。



We have 3 cute kids students and 2 great grown-up students so far.

Last Wednesday class with Lara sensei was really fun.
Here she teaches the student with full of energy and he seems having fun with her.

Last Thursday, class with Oliver sensei was so exciting.
Here you can see her using I-pad and playing game. Yes. Kirkwood English Class Ohana prepares IT devices for kids to have the newest education with fun and they are replaced as never be bored material.

We have 2 classes with Jason sensei today.
He had elementary kids class
In the afternoon and adults class at night.

The elementary kid we have on Friday, both me and Jason sensei would say that she is the best student in all the classes.

She is the oldest student in all classes, but not only for that reason, she’s more curiosity for English and English world itself.

We need more academic teaching plans for her.

Adult class was awesome. Today’s topic we had were hobbies.
Students got a few time and talked about the topic they picked up.
They tried their best and I think they felt confidence with Jason sense’s corrections to make the sentences perfect.

We are having more fun fun activities in your classes. So, please come to see the classes of Kirkwood English Class Ohana!!

Nobuko Okumura
Kirkwood English Class Ohana