Thursday Class with Oliver-Sensei& Mao-Sensei


Good bye song の後、車のまどから
『See you!!!』のごあいさつもしてくれて、スタッフ一同Happyなレッスンになりました。


The very beginning of Oliver-Sensei’s class was so smooth and educational. Oliver-Sensei uses a lot of fun fun English materials and so the Class never be bored.

We got 4 year-old girl today and she practiced, with blocks and learned:

『Castle,Car, Parking lot, chair, mountain』

We saw DVD about 『fruits (lemon, grapes, orange, cherry etc…and numbers(1 to 5)

The letter 『Pp』

Good morning song
Good bye song.

Today was Mao-sensei’s first working day and she said she enjoyed a lot with us.

Now our class has been more merrier than ever before!!!