New rules for Immigration
Many people move to the United States each year. They are immigrants. There are also millions of illegal immigrants. Those are people who live in the United States without permission. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced new rules for illegal immigration.

Donald Trump promised to be very strict on immigration. In January, the new U.S. president signed orders about the issue.

Under the rules, local police officers will help the government find illegal immigrants. The rules allow more immigrants to be sent away. The government will also speed up the deportation process. And it will hire 10,000 new border control agents.

One group is still protected. Children who came to the United States illegally are allowed to stay. These people are called Dreamers. They won’t get sent away unless they commit a crime.

Many people disagree with the new rules. There are around 11 million illegal immigrants in the nation. Critics say the rules could affect almost all of those people — even the ones who didn’t commit a crime. They say the rules will lead to a mass deportation.

Officials say that is not the goal. In Washington, D.C., White House spokesman said the rules are aimed at criminals. “Those people who pose a threat to our public safety or have committed a crime will be the first to go,” he said.