Oxford university press workshop

I participated in the Oxford university press workshop.
This is Admission Free workshop,then it is one of the most popular workshops among English teachers, so I Pre-registered. Also books can be purchased or ordered on the day for a 10% discount. 

Doors opened at 10:30 and
The Oxford press facilities presented Building English Fluency in the Primary Classroom.
They showed us how we can encourage our students to use English in a meaningful way.
they lead some activities that challenge students to think deeply about information, work together and solve problems.
Next, they offer some
Songs from their textbooks to show six“secrets” to using songs and chants.
You will have fun, communicate and thoroughly enjoy learning to read and write with them.

Then lunch time.
I didn’t bring my lunch we went to a restaurant at the Shin-Osaka station and had beef.

In the afternoon, they talked about what special needs are and if every child need some special stuff or not.
Learning to accept and respect the differences and needs of others in the classroom was
a valuable lesson.
We shared classroom-tested lessons where children learn the target language through multiple approaches.